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Professional program courses

In these refresher program courses you will learn the important facts of cosmetology and salon training skills.

These programs will consist of theory, hands-on training, look-on demonstrations,

video training, handout worksheets, assessments, and in salon training experiences.

All of our programs are designed to meet Illinois state requirements.

To register for these programs, you must be an Illinois licensed cosmetologist.

All licensed cosmetologists are required by the state of Illinois to complete 14 hours of continuing education for

license renewal before the expiration date on your current license.

Fill out the registration form on this website. You will be contacted for further detailed information to customize your learning experience.


Salon Product Knowledge

Understanding the chemistry of beauty products will help you make great decisions about which products to market, and which types of those products to use on your clients.

Lesson Topics:

The Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic Science & Formula Development

Raw Materials & Ingredients

pH Standards & Product Safety Testing

Organic Oils & Butters

The Truths About Sulfates & Parabens

Hazardous Chemical Ingredients

Private Labeling

Analyzing Your Ingredient List

Chemical Hair Relaxing & Waving

Learn the chemical hair processes by either reducing excessively wavy/curly hair patterns or creating those patterns  on straight hair by changing its molecular structure.

In this program you will learn:

The Process of Chemical Hair Relaxing

The Process of Permanent Hair Waving

Lye vs No Lye

Hair Analysis & Porosity/Elasticity Control

Health Risks with Chemicals

Hair Coloring & Decolorization

Everyone's hair canvas is different. You can not get the same results with the same tube of color on every client. This is why analyzing and understanding your clients hair is important so you can determine the correct formulations to get the appropriate results.

Program Topics:

Understanding Your Canvas & Color Correction

Mastering The Color Wheel

Types of Hair Coloring Products

Hair Coloring & Decolorizing Service Techniques


State Board Exam Tutoring

Are you nervous? Don't worry I can help! I can provide you with some test taking tips that will help you ease through your testing process. I will help prep you for your exam so you can be confident in passing your test.

Take advantage of some cosmetology review theory, and a practice mock state board exam. 

Theory tutoring sessions will include:

Salon Safety & Sanitation

Analysis of the Hair, Skin, & Nails

Scalp Treatments

Waving & Relaxing

Hair Coloring & Hair Lightening

Nail Services

Skin Services

The Art of Hair Braiding

Learn to create elegant and fun braiding styles for any occasion! There are so many braiding style trends. Use your creative imagination along with combining other hair designing techniques.

Lesson topics:

Hair Braiding 101

Understanding Braiding Types

Avoiding the Hazards of Braiding

Braid Styling Creations 

Hair Braiding with Extensions

Trendy Hair Designs & Bridal Hair Styling

In this program you will learn the concepts of  hair styling on multiple textures of hair.  You will learn different styling techniques of your choice using different types of electric heating equipment, and other styling tools.

Program Topics:

Design Inspirations

How to Organize & Plan Your Design

Blow Dry Styling

Marcel Training

Heat Protection & Product Knowledge

Finger Waves & Wet Styling

Natural Hair Designs

Bridal Hair Design

Trichology & Hair Care

If you want to learn about the scientific approach to healthier hair, this class is for you! This program focuses on the science and biology of the hair strand and scalp. Trichology also deals with the study of hair growth, hair loss, hair/scalp diseases, and more.

Lesson topics:

The Trichology Wellness Approach

Understanding Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Hair & Scalp Analysis and Consultation

Proper Hair & Scalp Care

Hair & Scalp Diseases

Nail Technology

Get inspired! Complete your clients look with the proper nail care treatments and nail designing services. Keep your knowledge fresh by selecting this training program.

Program Titles:

The Nail Anatomy

Nail Care & Growth

The Study of Nail Diseases, Disorders, & Other Conditions

Nail Products, Tools & Equipments

The Art of Nail Design

The Art of Artificial Nail Application

The Spa Basics of Manicures & Pedicures

Sanitation, Disinfection, & Sterilization 

Client Consultation & Communication

How well do you know your clients? In this lesson you will learn consultation strategies, and understand the different personality traits by studying the D.I.S.C. assessment test. This will help you interact and communicate with your clients better. 

Session topics includes:

The D.I.S.C. Assessment Test

The Art of Communication

Body Language

What You Need to Know During a Consultation

Client Attraction & Retention

Learn the secrets to building a long lasting clientele to keep your clients coming back for more of your great services and experiences!

This program will teach you:

The Art of Sales Pitching

Target Marketing Ideas

Advertising & Visual Aides

Phenomenal Service

The A & A of Retaining Clients

10 Top Reasons Why Clients Leave

Portfolio Building

Salon Business Prosperity

Think differently about how to run your business by adjusting your mindset. We will discuss how to become financially free from debt, and engage in some goal setting exercises. You will learn powerful marketing secrets, retailing, business planning, and investment ideas.

Program Topics:

How To Increase Your Income Stress Free

12 Step Business Rehab Program

The Value of Service

How to Select the BEST Hair & Hair Manufacturer

Winning vs. Failing in Business

The Minds of Millionaires

Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents

Financial Freedom

Keys To Success

Understanding your "WHY"

Sanitation, Disinfection, & Salon Safety

Learn government safety standards in the work place. Keep your clients and salon environment safe by getting the proper education for you and your staff members.

You will learn:


Salon Safety Procedures,

First Aid Kits & Medical Emergencies

Avoiding Chemical Spills

Wet Floors & Debris

Burglary & Fire Prevention

Hair Cutting

You can not miss this opportunity to learn the industry's cutting edge of styling with shears! You will have all the knowledge needed to stay above in your career.

In this program you will learn:

Men & Women Hair Cutting/Texturizing Techniques

Razor Hair Cutting

Analyzing & Blueprinting Your Cutting Design Methods

Selecting the Proper Tools & Supplies

Service Safety Procedures


Lace Units, Wigs, & Hair Extensions

Is that your hair? This is the question people will be asking your clients after you have mastered these hair wig and extension techniques. 

Lesson Details:

Understanding Wig/Hair Extension Methods

Unit Construction & Materials

Client Instructional Care Guide

Measuring Tips & Techniques

The Truths About Adhesives

Service Preparation, Installations, & Removal

How to Prevent Hair Loss & Hair/Skin Damage

The Art of Wig Making

The Art of Micro-linking Extensions

The Art of Fusion Hair Extensions

Wig Investing

Drop Off Wig/Hair Extension Services

Enhanced Skin Care & Make Up Application

In this course you will learn:

The Anatomy of the Skin & Skin Care

Understanding Dermatology & The Role of a Dermatologist

The Stages of Aging Skin

What is Healthy Skin?

Basic Skin Types & Characteristics

Skin Disorders & Skin Diseases

Infection Control & Safety

Make Up Application

Make Up Service Consultation

Cosmetic Chemistry

Professional Make Up Tools & Supply Kit

Camera Ready Make Up Guide

All About Lashes & Brows


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